Individual result

Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: My health was generally ok, but more often than not I was tired and just did not feel 100% well. I would often have respiratory problems such as sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, allergy symptoms and a constant tickle and cough that was extremely annoying. I was scratch tested for allergies and reacted to nothing. The Dr said I simply had extremely sensitive tissue. The real test will come this winter and next spring as to how I fare with these problems. I have never made it through a Winter & Spring yet in my entire life without getting an upper respiratory infection followed by the nagging cough that lasts for about a month or more. I will certainly let you know how I do. In just a few weeks following the type A diet, I have more energy and feel better than ever. I hope this continues because it's great!!