Individual result

Type: A | Gender: Male | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I cannot begin to tell you how much this diet has helped me. I had considered becoming Vegetarian for a long time. Although I still plan to eat chicken and fish sometimes, I consider myself to be "almost vegetarian." I agree with the gradual change idea. I think my body would have gone into shock. One thing I had really been having problems with was my digestion. It often felt as if I was carrying a lead weight in my stomach ALL the time. It was incredibly annoying and discomforting. My clothes only worsened this feeling and I was gaining weight. So, I quit eating red meat for about three weeks and increased my fruit intake to include the pineapple daily as suggested by my diet type. I began to notice within days that I felt better, my clothes fit like they should, and I FELT healthier. So after three weeks, I ate a hamburger at Chili's. My stomach cramped so bad that I nearly doubled over after dinner. I have tested this once or twice since this, and feel that it was really what was holding me back from being healthier and happier! Again, I wish to thank you for this WONDERFUL diet. I work at the Barnes & Noble Wolfchase Bookstore in Memphis, Tennessee as the Community Relations Coordinator. I am planning to have a very large event in our store promoting your book and having a local health association come out to the store to cook receipes from the book and discuss it with customers while holding a blood drive for our local agency!! I am going to contact your publisher to see if there are any "kits" that they could send to help promote it. In any case, I have recommended this diet to several people, including two diabetics who were having trouble getting their diets and sugar under control, and they LOVE it as well. Thank you!