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Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: Dear Dr. D'Adamo:First of all, thank you for your great book -- it has opened my eyes (and the eyes of some of my friends who are reading it). Giving up chicken has been the best thing I have ever done -- I used to eat A LOT of it!! The other week a friend took me to a place she had been excited about, and it served primarily CHICKEN -- I decided to have a meal of chicken to see what would happen. The result was significant, I would almost say startling -- I hadn't had a yeast infection in several months, and low and behold, within a week, I had the beginnings of one. Also, I noticed a general feeling of a loss of energy (zest for living, whatever), which I can't explain. Also, about ten years ago I developed a tendency to basal cell carcinomas (the mildest form of skin cancer), which seems to have improved since I've been trying to follow the Blood Type Diet. It takes quite a bit of willpower (which I'm finding out I actually do posess) when a lot of people around you are openly skeptical.Can you recommend any foods which may further help my skin condition? I'm a B-positive. Incidentally, my husband is a Type O (and he fits the bill perfectly - loves meat, drinks soda water all the time, exercises vigorously EVERY day and confronts his colleagues directly whenever he feels he's right and they're wrong). I'm getting him to give up wheat and eat better for his type.Dr. D'Adamo, could you tell me why bean sprouts are harmful for Type B, or is it just that you mean they shouldn't become a staple [you stated in your book that the reason you didn't recommend tofu products is that they may become substitutes for the basic meat/dairy needs of B's].Also, is popcorn bad like corn is, or is it a different type of lectin?Any more advice you have for Type B's or O's would be much appreciated, also any literature/information which people on the Mailing List are entitled to receive.Thank you in advance!Sincerely,Marilyn Julianne Decarle