Individual result

Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: Three days. It took 3 days before I noticed a significant change. Two days later my coworkers noticed - or at least they started to verbalize that they had noticed changes.Changes that I have noticed:I sleep about 8 hours instead of 15 during the week.I sleep about 8 hours instead of 21 during the weekend.My hair is growing back in after 13 years of thinning (it's about 1/5 of what I had in high school).The fibermyalgia symptoms are gone - as long as I avoid caffeine (normally a neutral for Bs- extremely tender all over) and black pepper (24 hours of extreme, intense, excruciating joint pain on weight-bearing joints)My short-term memory is improving over time.The morning swelling of my hands only returns when I have handled chicken (my mother is an A and therefore can eat chicken), which is fed to our dogs. (My mom and I have agreed that this is not a good task for me. She handles all the chicken.)None of my doctors have followed my progress, but my chiropractor did notice that my coloring looked better. And that my back had strengthed (due to the walking, due to the increase of energy, due to the diet)I still suffer from sinus infections. Generally, they come in pairs - get one, treat it, get the second one about 3-14 days later, treat it. I fine for about 3-4 months. I am interested in knowing more specifics about mucus-generating foods, like WHICH foods. So that I may determine which really are MY avoids, like the caffeine.Annette