Individual result

Type: AB | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I have been suffering from many health problems for the past 5+ years and have gotten increasingly worse over the past 2. The most prevalent are a digestive dissorder that was moderate to severe, weight that I could not lose even with the most extreme of diets and exercise, and that I was severely exhausted. I spent many hours with my doctor and having mulitple test performed and nothing would come of the weight problem or the exercise they just assumed that I was not trying as hard as I said I was. As for the digestive I was diagnosed as having IBS and microscopic colits, it was explained to me that there was no true identifiers as to what was causing my pain, cramping and bleeding. I have been on the ER4YT diet for about 6 weeks and feel like an entirely new person. I have had no digestive problems (except for the few meals I had an item that is on my avoid list to eat) I have an energy level I did not know was possible for me and I have begun losing weight. The part I like about my weight loss is that I can feel it is a healthy loss that feel's right I am not tired or hungry and I feel healthy. My improvement is so great that my husband (who thinks tofu is a 4 letter word)has started to encourage me to make meals that are condusive to my diet and he is willing to have his blood typed to begin the diet for his type, this within it's self is a miricle the man thought that hamburger helper and canned raviolis were a part of the 4 basic food groups. I again cannot tell you how much of an improvement this has had on my life. I will be going to the doctor in march to have my cholesterol tested (I was at 217) and a few other goddies tested I am sure. Thank you for my health back!