Individual result

Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: For the past several years, I have had vaso-motor rhinitis and would get severe sinus headaches (my sinuses swell so much that you can see there is a problem just by looking at my face) whenever the barometric pressure changed - especially from cool dry air to warmer, moist air. I also have had an on-going feeling of fatigue and a slight headache - the world felt overwhelming and I was always exhausted. I wasn't expecting success on the Blood Type Diet since I have had hypoglycemia for years. I expected all of the fruit and grains to send my hypoglycemia out of control. That has not happened. I have felt stronger, my every-day headache and fatigue have been dramatically lessened. I had one vaso-motor attack the other day, but it was the result of a dramatic weather shift. Previously, I would have vaso-motor rhinitis problems pratically if a cloud drifted across the sky. I have tried to eat only highly beneficial and netural foods, although I have not obsessed about the amounts I have consumed. Since I'm still worried about hypoglycemia, I know I'm probably skewing my diet to more egg / chicken / fish than is prescribed and I have kept the fruits to 1-2 per day and have not drunk any fruit juice. I'm also trying to balance proteins and carbohydrates although I have a few times eaten rice cakes or fruit alone and have had no evident hypoglycemic reaction. I have eaten wheat breadsticks at restuarants several times with no ill effects. However, I believe that I am extremely sensitive to cow's milk. I also ate some tomatoes and a vinagrette dressing for dinner and felt horrible for several hours the next day. I travel for work and the Type A diet is not easy on the road, but I'm managing a reasonable facsimile and do believe that I'm feeling better. Thanks for your excellent book. I look forward to the cookbook. Kathie Kaercher (770) 253-3926