Individual result

Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I lost approximately 15 pounds within a month to 6 weeks. I wasn't exceptionally overweight.I'm 5'6" with a small frame and I weighed approx. 145. I still have problems with being tiredand getting colds. But I have a bit of a problem staying away from the dairy and wheat. I think that isis related to my eating those foods. I've have always been borderline hypoglycemic. This diet has cured me of that. We have one of the lucky families. My husband as well as my children are all As.I love your book and diet. I have bought it for my 2 sisters and my mother and aunt. And Ihave a copy for lending out. There is a lot of interest in your program.Thank you... Your program explained a lot of things for me, that I had wondered about.Thank you,Diane Gregor