Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: You should probablyallow more choices out of the health category section. I saw changes of significance in almost all the categories you have there. My entire health has improved and I have been generally healthier since august. I started your program on mar 30/97.I have had no problems with my digestion and have discontinued all prescribed medications,cimetedine/rinetedine and have not had to rely on my arthritis medication either. note Itook neither consistently ,but what drove me to start your program was my worsening stomachproblems (bloating, acid reflux, vomiting, gas pain) and constant weight gain, for whichmy doctor had no explantions that were satisfactory to me. I can't tell you how gratefulI am to have found your book (by accident) at a desparate time.