Individual result

Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: Fibrocystic breast disease disappeared, chronic tight muscles in my neck smoothed out, 2 red scaly patches that have been on my nose for at least 9 months disappeared overnight after adding burdock tea, I'm breathing easier and my weight dropped four or five pounds which I presume is due a more efficient GI tract and loss of retained fluids. I think I'm starting to sleep better which has been a major issue for years.I'm mostly avoiding the avoids and slowly adding on items from the beneficial list which are new to me. I have not payed attention to suggested servings yet. There are 20 foods from the highly beneficial list which have not worked for me. Soy products, pineapple and peanuts tend to give me a belly ache, any citrus causes cold sores, valerian and hawthorn cause my heart to race, ginger and soy products are headache producers. However I believe in the diet and am an ardent supportor.