Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: Thanks so much for your great work, Peter! Two weeks ago I did a two day juice fast, and noticed the fatigue and unrestorative sleep that I had been having (along with GERD,IBS, hypotension, fibromyalgia at various times) the past 7+ years, had subsided. I was blessed to findout from a friend about your book just before I was ready to begin eating after the fast. I noticed and am noticing continued positive changes in my energy and sleep since then. My main carbo's were potatoes and corn, and eating large lunches and dinners. I tried everything possible that alternative (wetsern med.) and traditional medicines had to offer. I am currently working with my ND to heal the GERD after years of heavy meals, but it is also on the mend. Thanks again, Peter. I have been sharing the book and my results with clients in my mental health practice and at the University of MT where I also am a therapist. My private practice is working with life threatening and chronic illnesses ( I guess we need to experience what we teach also), as well as grief and loss work with clients.