Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I have recently purchased your book and am following your type "O"guidlines with very good results. For some years, I have been havingirritable bowel syndrome with lots of gas. That has all but beeneliminated. Thanks very much. Your research and writing offer a setof clear guidelines that make sense and produce results.A recent trip to my internist revealed high BP 160/110. He hasplaced me on Lotensin with good effects as I am now stable at around120/80. I asked him how I could avoid taking the meds for the restof my life and he suggested that I needed to lose 15 lbs or so, fromthe 180 my chunky 5'6" frame weighed in at to about 165. Mybrother told me of the blood type diets as several of his co-workersare on them. I purchased the book and am now about 175 with noconscious dieting effort after 2.5 weeks on the "O" program. A greatway to lose lbs and not feel deprived. Thanks again.Several additional comments seem appropriate. It was a littledifficult at first to give up pasta and bread. Being of Italianextraction on my dad's side, I've always been a pasta/bread freak.However, the Ezikiel bread, rice, brockley my favorite tomatoes andcarefully chosen fruits and juices, seem to provide sufficient fiberand carbos. I have lost 1.5 inches from my waist and feel much moreenergitic as well. The wheat aglutenation was obviously bothering mewithout my knowledge or understanding.I find that I really crave protein now more that before and am happyto be able to eat more lean red meat without guilt. In the past, Ihave tried to be a vegeterian several times, but found that I reallycrave red meat. The same Dr. visit showed that my cholestarol wasonly 145 with ldl of 51 so I can obviously pack in a few moreburgers and lean roast beef.