Individual result

Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: Hello, Dr. D'Adamo! Thank you so much for your work and book. A friend of mine at work(type O female) told me about it and her experience (great improvement in allergies andchronic sinus infection). My first reaction was great skepticism because of my inabilitytie any logic to my previous attempts at fixing my digestive problems (vegan, vegetarian, fish-eating, then poultry re-introduction). However, after I bought the book myself and carefully read it, things started to actually make sense and correlate to some of the problems I'd had in the past. Peanuts were a key trigger for me. I could never figure out why something like a peanut, which is supposed to be this 'wonder/protein' food, wouldmake me feel so rotten and sluggish, and cause so much digestive annoyance. Cashews weresimilar...until your book, I wasn't able to correlate WHY!! I've been on the diet for aweek now, with significant improvement with my digestive system!! I misbehaved twice, and knew the culprits (tomatoes & olives) for several hours! What a relief to finally have something that makes sense of my decade-long search for what works with my system!!!Thank you so much!!! As a footnote, I've been eating large quantities, and haven't had the normal problems with weight gain that bothered me before the diet, either! I'm anxious to see the benefits over time in that facet, too!