Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: sos! Pleas help me to find out what I can do about my thyroid problem. My problems include: allergies, endometriosis, infertility,poor digestion. I think the diet is going to save my life. However, your book says nothing about O-women suffering from overactivethyroid. Tests ususally don't pick up this problem, yet almost all members of my family suffer from thyroid-related conditions. I don'tknow how to convince doctors to help me with my thyroid problem, they always dismiss it. I think my infertility is related to it too.I've been going from doctor to doctor for 13 years, have tried all kinds of alternative treatment, I am doing acupuncture now. The acupuncturist doesn't understand this problem either. I feel trapped with no help, yet I know that the solution to my problems mightbe very easy: balance my thyroid. I started taking folic acid, but I need professional advice. Your supplements for O have iodine-containg herbs, and I am expremely sensitive to them. Please, please, please, help me. Thank you.