Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: Went from being barely able to do 15 push ups to almost 30 in about two weeks. I feel like I am now filling my tank with the optimum fuel for my specific mechanism (body). I was previously a fairly strict vegan for two years: lots of tofu, brown rice, veggie burgers, no dairy, but copious amounts of peanut butter and wheat. I felt sick most of the time on this, as I realize now, basically Type A Diet. Trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. I would prefer to be Type A for ethical and environmental and animal rights reasons. I was curious why you don't speak to the ethical issues whatsoever in your book. Was this for commercial/marketability reasons? Anyway, I have benefitted greatly from your work (and that of your father). I thank you (and him) for it. Oh, yeah, the single greatest change in me since adopting the Type O eating plan has been a marked decrease in anxiety/panic. I attribute it to the reduction of the constant exhaustion/fatigue that was present when I was eating mainly Type A. A constant has been the cutting out of dairy, which I believe, along with the lectin in wheat, to be a major clogger/poison. I find I am able to eat much more food when I avoid wheat and dairy and still not gain weight. The seltzer water has also been a revelation. Thanks again for your research. Respectfully, Martin Garrison