Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I started on your program on May 18. I have lost 17 Pounds and I eat very well. I have not eaten the highly beneficial foods only. I have eaten a verywell balanced program. I have not totally avoided the "avoids". I have been about 95% I would estimate. I have seen a reduction in joint pain and a largereduction in nasal congestion. I have had a lot of congestion for years. My doctor had me take a powerful prescription decongestant. When I had a lot of aches and pains and hyperacidity, he had me take Pepcid AC. I learned that my acidity was likely from production of histamines as my body struggled to dealwith my eating( after 61 years) and I was taking a powerful drug to stop the histamine. That seemed stupid so I stopped. I learned of your program from an interview of Lee Trevino. I have believed that arthritis was likely the result of food allergies. Since most people were allergic to different foods, yourprogram offered a rationale for why this is so, and a perfect starting point for finding your nemesis'. I have had cardiac arrthymia for 20 years and takelanoxin for it. I have experienced a reduction of my heart rate of about 12 beats a minute since I began. I also have less PAC's. This was an unexpected benefitof it.I am continuing the program as well as a program of exercise as I don't have as much trouble from my arrythmia. I look younger, feel better, am healthier, and getting to my ideal weight rapidly. I am not given to so much enthusiasm normally. I am grateful to have learned of your program and reaped its benefits.Thank you! William D. Cowden