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Type O and Eggs


I am a nutrition student studying to be a R.D., and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, "Eat Right For Your Type". I am 26 years old and I have O type blood. I have been seeing a doctor, who practices natural medicine, for a year now for several medical problems. I have very low cholesterol(130) and eat between 2 and 4 eggs per day. As long as I eat eggs my cholesterol stays around 160, otherwise it drops down to 130 or below. Why are eggs not recommended since they do not contain lactose? Should I cut back on the amount I eat? Also, my WBC count is too low and I have been treating it with Echinacea and Goldenseal. What do you think of these herbs for O type with low WBC?


Eggs are an acceptable protein source for type O, so there should be not reason to not enjoy them as an easy breakfast item. Echinacea is not recommended for type O as it can sometimes aggravate their propensity to inflammation. This is through Echinacea's effect on the enzyme hyaurondidase. Golden seal (Hydrastis canadensis) is generally not recommended for oral use. It can disturb the bacterial flora in the intestines and aggravate low blood sugar problems. Topically, or as a mouthwash for sore throat it is fine. In my practice we use the larch polysaccharide ARA6 for this type of situation.

The Ask Dr. D'Adamo internet advice column ran from 1996 to 2009, at which time Dr. D'Adamo's teaching and programming responsibilities no longer allowed him to devote time and resources to directly answering visitor questions. However we've recently reorganized this treasure-trove of material and made it again available to his readership. He occasionally posts new entries. These are marked with a NEW tag.

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