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Collinsonia For Type A Sinus Problems


I am a type A with chronic sinusitis. I have had sinus surgery twice and would like to avoid having to do it again. I have used the herb "Collinsonia" as you recommended in your book with good results. However, I have been able to find no information about the herb on either the internet or your message board. Is it safe? How does it work?


I have found Collinsonia (stoneroot) to be of great reliability in assisting to stabilize the lining on the sinus cavities and to minimize the build-up of excess mucus in the sinus cavities and throat, particularly in types A and AB. It is a form of botanical support for individuals experiencing chronic build-up of nasal, pharyngeal, or stomach catarrh

Specific Indications:

Collinsonia has traditionally been employed for passive venous engorgement and relaxation: Sense of constriction, with irritation and pain in the orifices of the body. It has been variously described as an astringent, alterative, diuretic,stimulant, tonic, etc., all of which little describes the drug. Its effect,whether on the rectum, pharynx, or other vascular area, is to overcome unduecongestion with the accompanying irritation, pain and fullness, and bring abouta natural action. Dr. E. Mather, Detroit, says that it acts similarly to penthorum on the pharynx; on the urinary organs, relaxing the ureters, increasing urinary excretion, diminishing irritability of the bladder and facilitating passage of calculi. Collinsonia seems to act both as a tonic and antispasmodic, the first use being frequently exemplified. It shows its power as an antispasmodic in the painful constrictions and spasms of the sphincter accompanying hemorrhoids, fistulas, ulcers, fissures, etc., about the rectum, even in operations in this region; also in gastralgia and vesical tenesmus. It quiets irritation of the pneumogastric and of parts supplied by it. The two great uses to which it has been put in the past, are chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis--minister's sore throat--and hemorrhoids. Limiting the remedy to these diseases alone, will give it sufficient honors. In the first it is given in doses of ten to twenty drops in syrup; in the latter, slightly smaller doses combined with Hamamelis.

The remedy nearly always cures if administered sufficiently long, and in recent cases but a few days are needed. If given in conjunction with operations for hemorrhoids, it materially assists in relieving the pain and hastening the cure."Remember it in any wrong of the venous capillary system".--Lloyd's Bulletin.

Collinsonia acts as a kindly, soothing tonic to the stomach and portal circulation. It is highly recommended in catarrhal gastritis. It is also said to lessen the appetite for alcoholic drinks."--Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Volume 8, No. 12, December, 1914

Though best suited to types A and AB, Collinsonia is safe for all blood types.

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