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Type A with Osteoporosis


First of all many thanks for sharing your blood type knowledge and food guidelines with the public. Your ER4YT book is a life saver! My husband is a type O, had heart by-pass surgery and in spite of medication (Lipitor), he could not get his cholesterol down below 210; 3 months on your diet and he lost 36 pounds and lowered his cholesterol to 154! and the eating patterns were comfortable. I am a type A and have lost 43 pounds very comfortably. However, I do have a problem with osteoporosis (I am 60 years old and this was just diagnosed). I am currently taking 900 mg of calcium lactate & 450 mg magnesium (I was taking 1200 mg of calcium but had to decrease the dose because of runny bowels). So I would appreciate any suggestions you have about foods and supplements for this condition. Many thanks for your help and consideration and running this great website!


I would recommend that you investigate a specific mineral supplement designed to enhance bone health for type A individuals called Phytocal A.

The calcium for this formula is derived from the small red seaweed called "Maerl" found only in the isolated areas off the pristine coast of Northwest Ireland. Of all sources of calcium Maerl has one of the lowest levels of undesirable contaminants. Its superior buffering capacity allows Maerl-based calcium to maintain very high rates of absorption despite the lower acid and higher levels found in the digestive tracts of most type A individuals.

Phytocal A also features higher levels of the important antioxidant selenium; the gastric activating cofactors betaine hydrochloride, renett and gentian root (Gentiana lutea) plus the mineral-rich herb horsetail (Equisetum arvense). Phytocal A also features significant levels of the important calcium absorption enhancer ipriflavone and a small dose of vitamin A to enhance the activity of the calcium absorbing enzyme intestinal alkaline phosphatase.

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