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Carbohydrates and Evolution

[The carbohydrate theory].

Wien Med Wochenschr 1994;144(16):387-92

Lutz W.

We can get the full range of our health only if our genome and our environment are compatible. After we had adapted through millions of years to the diet of scavengers and hunters we could not--up to now--adapt to the farming (to the carbohydrates) in a small fraction of this time. The author sees in this the cause of our "Western" diseases. Evidence can be gathered from the rates for cancer and myocardial infarctions in areas where farming came late (Scotland, Scandinavia, Ireland), and from the good results of a return to the (low carbohydrate) Paleolithic diet in many of our civilization diseases. The genetic substratum for this incomplete adaptation to carbohydrates can be seen in the so called gene polymorphism, incomplete genes for ACE etc, which are more frequent in areas where farming came later.

Sounds like the first chapter of Eat Right 4 Your Type, doesn't it?

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