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Of Snails and Chickens


How often should you eat snail to reap the benefits of the lectin? 2.Does chicken broth & boullion contain the harmful chicken lectins too? I am an AB. After 3 weeks on the diet, I am off all of my asthma inhalers! Thank you for your wonderful research!!!!!!


Although there is no clear-cut answer to the level of snails one should consume if they are type A or AB in order to get the maximum protective benefit, my own innate feeling is that 4-6 snails, 1-2 times weekly would be adequate, since this is the normal ammount used in many European countries in which escargot are esteemed as an anti-cancer food.

Anything made of or from the muscle meat of chicken will contain chicken lectin (actually a 'galectin', but that is another story!)

Congratulations on the success with the asthma.

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