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Springer's Tn Vaccine


I am a type A undergoing chemotherapy and then radiation for breast cancer.What is the best approach for my for my health during and after treatment.I have "Eat Right" and "Cook RIght"but wonder about the vaccine that you mention.


George Springer, the discoverer of the Tn vaccine therapy, passed away about 4 years ago. Sadly, his work is largely in 'suspended animation' at this time, although there are plans afoot to begin phase II and III testing again. Springer's vaccine, was actually a combination of two separate vaccines; a 'T' antigen vaccine which Springer made himself from enzymatically treated red blood cells, and the injectable typhoid vaccine. Although Springer's T antigen vaccine is unavailable, the Typhoid vaccine is very easily attainable. There is a module in the Knowledge Base that contains the references, should you wish to discuss getting the typhoid vaccine with your physician.

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