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Domestic Mushrooms


I am Type A and am two weeks on the diet. My mother-in-law (O) and sister-in-law (A) also are on this and we are all doing very well. However we are all confused about the use of "domestic mushrooms." What is a domestic mushroom? Is it a common white "button cap" mushroom?


Yes, 'domestic' or 'common' mushroom is also called 'button cap.' The species is Agaricus bisporus.

Recent research seems to indicate that Agaricus bisporus has a lectin with the potential to induce early mutations in the colon to revert back to normal. As such it may be a very important addition to the diet is you have a family history of colon cancer or have been diagnosed with colon polyps, an early warning sign.

Here is a link to a recent blog I wrote about mushrooms that you might find interesting.

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