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Less Oils and Fats For Non-Secretors


Why do type O non secretors have guidelines for less oil than secretors? What is it about being a non secretor that makes us less capable of handling oil?


ABH non-secretors have lower levels of fat-busting enzymes (intestinal alklaine phosphatase) than ABH secretors. They also have lower levels of a variety of lipases (more fat busters) and brush border hydroxlases (again, involved in the transfer of fats broken down in the intestine into the lymphatics.)

Independent of ABO blood group, ABH non-secretors have lower alkaline phosphatase activity than ABH secretors. It has been estimated that the serum alkaline phosphatase activity of non-secretors is only about 20% of the activity in the secretor groups. (1-4)

The intestinal component of alkaline phosphatase is involved with both the breakdown of dietary cholesterol and the absorption of calcium. The differences in intestinal alkaline phosphatase are almost exclusively related to one fraction of the intestinal alkaline phosphatase. Normal molecular mass intestinal alkaline phosphatase (NIAP) is present in the serum of both secretors and non-secretors regardless of ABO blood group. However, the high molecular mass intestinal alkaline phosphatase only appears in serum of Lewis (a-b+) blood group secretors. (5)

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