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16 Year Old Type A with Acne


I am a 16 year old vegetarian and blood type A. I follow the type A diet from your book, and have been doing so for about 10 months (been vegetarian for over 4 years). My question is can you recommend anything for acne?


Proper stress reduction is important for type A's, as one of their prime focal points of stress lies at the adrenal level.

Since stress can aggravate acne (probably due to enhanced adrenal activity, and greater sebum production.) Some ideas include:

Zazen meditation or similar meditation/ yoga techniques. These can help lower cortisol and help break the stress cycle.

Practicing alternate nostril breathing. exercises leads to deep relaxation --probably because of its effects on sympathetic/parasympathetic balancing. The benefits of this relaxation become apparent in your daily life, and you find yourself calmer and more peaceful. You may also have a great deal more energy than before.

Other ideas:

Group A in general is associated with a 'constant and malignant' carrier state with regard to Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria associated with acne.

Many acne sufferers have a mixture of microbacteria and yeast on their skin, which can help trigger inflammatory reactions leading to pimples, etc. Tea tree oil has been studied and found effective in treating acne. I've had good results with recommending Paul Mitchell brand Tea Tree Soaps.

There is moderate evidence that oral zinc supplements may be somewhat effective as well. A low dose (15mg daily) may be prudent.

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