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Type B and Flaxseed Oil


I'm a type B. Dr's Eades' (Protein Power) say that flaxseed oil is something to avoid. What's your take on the recent literature about this?


Apparently the Eades have changed their minds on flaxseed oil, as per this quote from their website:

"Since we wrote the section on eicosanoids, we have had brain transplants. (Unfortunately when Mike wrote that section he had fallen under the evil influence of our good friend, Barry Sears.) We, too, now believe that flax seed oil can be valuable and we take it ourselves and use it on many of our patients."

Essential Fatty Acids (or EFAs) unlike many other nutrients cannot be manufactured by the body and must be provided in the diet. The two essential fatty acids are often referred to by the name of their general CATEGORY

The Ask Dr. D'Adamo internet advice column ran from 1996 to 2009, at which time Dr. D'Adamo's teaching and programming responsibilities no longer allowed him to devote time and resources to directly answering visitor questions. However we've recently reorganized this treasure-trove of material and made it again available to his readership. He occasionally posts new entries. These are marked with a NEW tag.

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