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Does B Blood Type Protect Against Heart Damage?

Heterogenicity of the immune response to antigens of muscular and interstitial connective tissue of the heart in patients with rheumatic diseases. II. Association with ABO antigens

Vestn Akad Med Nauk SSSR 1989;(9):80-5

Motovilov AA

Antibodies (Ab) reacting with myocardial fibre sarcolemma (SL) and interstitial connective tissue (ICT) were determined by means of indirect immunofluorescence technique. The Ab level was found to be dependent on the ABO. Subjects having O and A blood groups are most potent ICT Ab producers, while those with B group, the weakest. The inflammatory process activity exerts varying effects on the level of ICT and SL antibodies depending on the ABO. The ICT Ab level reduction and SL Ab level elevation in maximal inflammation activity were revealed only in O and A blood groups, but not in B-group patients.

This study looked at the amount of antibody produced against heart muscle and connective tissue in individuals with rheumatic heart disease. Rheumatic heart disease is a complication of rheumatic fever which results from an untreated strep throat, and which can damage the heart valves, causing them to fail to close properly or not open enough. Group O and A subjects had higher levels of antibody production against connective tissue. This appeared to be directly correlated with the level of inflammatory activity as well. This was lower in group B subjects. Interestingly, the author speculates that the presence of heart muscle fiber antibodies is believed to be a risk factor of cardiac disease, but only in O and A blood group patients, as it correlates with the level of inflammatory activity in the heart muscle in these groups.

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