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White Coat Syndrome


How do I combat "white coat syndrome" where my blood pressure really increases when I go to the doctor? When I take it outside of the doctor's office, it is in the normal range, and I can even feel myself calm down and my heart rate become more normal 10 minutes into the office visit. But it seems that the nurses measure the BP right away when I first come in and am nervous. I have been following your diet, walk at least a mile almost every day, don't smoke, am losing weight, seldom drink and use only decaf beverages, etc, but I hate getting so nervous that my blood pressure reading goes out of the normal range.


One of the best, non-drug treatments you can do for yourself is the old Ayurvedic technique Alternate Nostirl Breathing. Five to ten timunyes of the techniqure priot to the doctor visit (perhaps while waiting for the doctor to come in the room) will work wonders.

The Ask Dr. D'Adamo internet advice column ran from 1996 to 2009, at which time Dr. D'Adamo's teaching and programming responsibilities no longer allowed him to devote time and resources to directly answering visitor questions. However we've recently reorganized this treasure-trove of material and made it again available to his readership. He occasionally posts new entries. These are marked with a NEW tag.

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