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Crohns Disease, Type O and Hair Loss


My son has Crohns Disease, and is taking Pentasa (Mesalamine). He is blood type O. We got the multi vitamin for type O and he did very well. But the store stopped carrying it. I am happy to find your site. My question is this. The Pentasa is very hard on him and the doctor told him it was making him lose his hair. Is there something else he should be taking in your line of products?


Pentasa tends to interfere with PABA and folic acid metabolism, which can predispose to increased activity of yeast on the scalp. This can result in destruction of the hair follicle and loss of hair.

Your son can make a very effective hair rinse out of oil of rosemary, glycerine and oil of bergamot. To eight ounces of distilled water, add 15 drops oil of bergamot, 1 tblsp glycerine and 10 drops oil of rosemary. Have you son apply this to the scalp before bed, accompanied with vigorous scalp massage.

To this procedure I would also add taking the B vitamins biotin (8mg daily) and folic acid (2-3 mg daily).

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