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Wrong-Way Corrigan


I'm type AB. I wonder if you have any comments on the fact that many of the foods on my "should eat" list were amongst the many allergies I had right through to my late teens, including peanuts, lamb and eggs. I "grew out" of my allergies (Is this possible?) in my 20s, and turned 48 3 days ago. My egg allergy was consistent and the strongest of all foods tested, and I didn't eat my first egg until a few years ago ... absolutely problem-free!


You seemed to have had a high generalized allergic threshold as a teenager, in which case looking for leads to foods that may or may not have agreed with the AB diet is probably pointless. Many of the ABO food rationales, for example, have nothing to do with any of the basic mechanisms of allergy.(1)

In my opinion, the best strategy (though rarely needed) is to do scientific allergy testing (ELISA, IgE, etc.) and then work the results into the proper ABO diet.

Perhaps your allergies was of multiple cause, and the resolution of one or more was sufficient for the 'AB tolerance' to kick in a bit.

It's great that you can eat some of them now. Now you can benefit from them health-wise.

1. With the exception of the opposing blood group antibodies (isohemmaglutinins anti-A, anti-B, anti-AB) which can get involved in allergies. But these can be ignored in this case, since group AB individuals do not manufacture them.

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