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Type A with Lymes Disease


I live in Germany and was diagnosed with Lyme decease beginning of June. I am A negative. The lyme disease was treated with 5 weeks of oral penicillin. Apart from general fatigue and malaise initially I had early knee joint involvement. I am now just on a protocol of vitamin supplements and I get acupuncture, which has helped my immune system as well as the joint problems. I would like to know what vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements you would specifically recommend for lyme and blood group A.


Lyme Disease is a systemic, tick-borne illness caused by the spirochete (a helical-shaped bacteria) Borrelia burgdorferi. It can affect almost any organ or system in the body. Lyme Disease is not new, and there are varying schools of thought in the treatment of Lyme Disease.

I have used an extract of the herb Sarsparilla (Smilax spp.) to help many of my patients with Lymes. The herb contain waxy-like substance called saponins which have in prior studies been shown to inhibit other types of similiar bacteria, called Spirochetes.(1) I use the solid extract of Sarsparilla.

In addition I've used larch arabinogalactan (ARA6) as a general immune tonic.

Other doctors of natural medicine has advocated using colloidal silver preparations for Lyme disease, but I have not seen any benefit from their use. In addition, there are potential toxicity problems from accumulation of silver in the tissues of the body.

1. Bernardo RR, Pinto AV, Parente JP. Steroidal saponins from Smilax officinalis. Phytochemistry. 1996 Sep;43(2):465-9.

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