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Disease susceptibility per ABO group has been based on information on subjects, as far as we know, who did not eat right for their blood type. How much do you project that these statistics will change for people who DO eat right for their type? Such as the high Cancer rate in blood type A's.


It has been speculated that 35% of all cancers are the result of genetic outcome, 35 percent the result of diet, and 30 percent the result of environment, principally smoking. If we assume that most(say 80%)of the dietary causes will have been eliminated (if you are type A, you are using soy products, aren't you?); that you don't smoke; and that understanding blood type susceptibilities (such as stress links) allows you to circumvent about 25% of the genetically determined cancers, we get:

You don't smoke: environmental causes go down to 5-8%.

You follow the blood groups A diet: diet causes goes down to about 7%

You control for effects of blood type on other suceptibilities: genetic causes go down to about 28-29%

The residuals: 8%(remaining environmental)+ 7%(remaining diet) +29% (remaining genetic) =44% total versus 100%

It would seem that folowing the blood group A diet should cut the rate of all cancers in that blood group by approximately one-half, which interestingly is about what I have documented in my practice.

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