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Walnut Oil


I am a practicing nutritionist in France and have been recommending your system to my patients as soon as I discovered it. Bravo! Walnut oil is quite popular here in the health and good eating circles. According to you who is it good for?


Walnut oil is neutral for types O and B, beneficial for types A and AB.

In ancient times the walnut oil was prized as a drying oil for paint, and Michaelangelo even used it to paint the Sistine Chapel in Rome! The French prize walnut oil as the very best oil for salads and cuisine. Today you will find walnut oils produced here in California which rival the best of the world. Check out suppliers on the net if you are looking for sources. You can find California produced walnut oils in your supermarket shelf and also gourmet shops.

Walnut oil is a source of linoleic and linolenic acids. Walnuts contain about 70% oil which is primarily polyunsaturated and rich in essential fatty acids essential to health. Walnuts are also one of the best plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts are one of the rare nuts which can inhibit the enzyme onithene decarboxlase (ODC). ODC is responsible for generation of polyamines (ubiquitous growth factors often produced in circumstances of toxicity) outside of the colon. Green tea's anti-cancer properties stem from its abilities to block polyamine production as well.

Although walnuts have not as yet been the subject of intense genetic manipulation, there is recent interest in the generation of walnuts engineered with rice bacterial blight resistance gene, so as always, I recommend purchasing from certified sources free of genetic modification.

 Average composition in fatty acids
 Oleic acid  14 to 21 %
 Linoleic acid  54 to 65 %
 Palmitic acid  6 to 8 %
 Stearic acid  1 to 3 %

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