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Military Blood Typing Accuracy


I was in the military in the 1960's and was typed as an O. While showing my wife how to do the home typing test, I retyped myself and found that I was actually blood type A. At first I thought the kit was inaccurate, but when my doctor retyped me again I was indeed found to be type A. The though that I could have been killed or otherwise injured by an incorrect transfusion is chilling. How often have you seen people innacurately typed in the military?


First, look on the bright side. They typed you as type O, so at least if you had needed blood you would have been given O, which is the universal donor type and would have worked fine.

But how accurate are the standard military blood typing results?

A recent study showed that thirty-four of 923 soldiers (3.7%) demonstrated at least one discrepancy during testing. Of these 34 discrepancies, 22 (2.3%) involved ABO group errors, 10 (1.1%) involved Rh type errors, and 2 (0. 2%) involved both ABO group and Rh type errors. These errors could lead to transfusion of the wrong blood type during wartime. Apparently, this figure may well have been significantly higher during the 1950's and 60's when the typing serum used was pooled human antibody (notoriously fickle) instead of today's monoclonal antibodies.

Should you rely on military blood typing? My feeling is no, especially when inexpensive home testing kits are available to double-check your results.

Rentas FJ, Clark PA. Blood type discrepancies on military identification cards and tags: a readiness concern in the U.S. Army. Mil Med 1999 Nov;164(11):785-7

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