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Blood Groups and Epilepsy


Is there any known correlation between blood types and epilepsy?


There are a few studies linking blood groups and epilepsy, though the most striking association is not with ABO, but rather the MNS system, where it was found that one marker, the SS variant (Ss/ss/SS) showed a statistically highly significant difference (p below 0.001) in the epileptic patients compared with a control group.(1) A separate study showed a deficiency of blood group AB in the total population of epileptics (2).

There are several studies (3,4) indicating a higher rate of epilepsy in children that are the result of mother-fetus ABO incompatibility (where the fetus possesses a blood type antigen that the mother carries an antibody to). This tends to confirm my suspicion that the most important time to be eating right for your blood type is during pregnancy.

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