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Type A and Low Platelets


Do you have any information regarding idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP)? I am an A type and have had chronic ITP for around 8 years. Are there any food groups in particular I should go for? Thanks for a great website!


I've successfully treated many patients with ITP (a disorder characterized by very low platelet count) and in fact most of them were type A blood. First of all, I'd follow the basic type A precepts and cut back on most animal products. Second, I'd recommend getting my stress levels under control, through exercise or other types of relaxation. When type A's are under a lot of stress, they can manufacture excessive amounts of cortisol, which can lower platelet numbers.

Several herbs have been used effectively to help ITP. They include the Chinese traditional medicine BUPLEUREUM (1) and the Amercian herb bayberry or BERBERIS (2). I often use 150mcg of SELENIUM and 250 mg of ASCORBATE (3) as supplements for ITP as well.

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