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Live Right 4 Your Type, Typebase and Coffee


I purchased the book "live right 4 your type". I also have "eat right 4 your type". I noticed that the information in the two books relating to diet is not the same. For example, blood type AB and coffee: "live right" says AVOID- page 322, yet "eat right" say BENEFICIAL. These are obviously two very different recommendations !! Today, on the dadamo website, I was looking at the TYPEBase page. When I look up coffee, It says exactly what the "eat right" book said - i.e. BENEFICIAL. Also on the TYPEBase page, it says that "The most up-to-date food values (in print) can be found in Live Right 4 Your Type." book. So now, I am thoroughly confused. Did I purchase a copy of the "live right 4 yout type" book with misprints ?


First the easy part. TYPEbase is derived from a spreadsheet which was slightly more dated than what was orginally publsihed as Live Right 4 Your Type. This is being corrected, and probably as you read this TYPEbase will harmonize with Live Right 4 Your Type.

As far as the coffee difference between Eat Right 4 Your Type. and Live Right 4 Your Type, It basically stems from information suggestive that although I originally though otherwise, blood group AB differs from group A in two important manners:

1.) they react to stress more similar to group O (excessive catecholamine production) than group A. Coffee drinking elevates catecholamine production.

2.) evidence suggests that group AB's need to keep the Natural Killer Cell (NK) activity optimized, probably as a way to offset the lack of any opposing blood group antibodies. Coffee drinking is known to decrease NK activity.

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