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ABO and Migraine Headaches


Have you found any specific correlations between migraine headaches and a specific abo type(s)? Also, could you elaborate some on ABO susceptibility to certain neuro-psychiatric disorders? I looked up the references you listed, then came to a "virtual" dead end. By the way, being a holistic nurse, I am impressed with your true interest and passion evident in your work. I have read your book, have offered the information to just about any client open to the theory. Makes sense to me. I definitely feel more energy when I stick to my A-type diet....more tired and unfocused when I succumb to the ever prevalent calling of wheat products. Need any help as far as employment? No kidding! Keep up the great work. It is amazing to me that you and you're dad's theory has taken so long to catch on! Most of my associates are at least thinking about the logic of it all. Thanks!


All blood types get migraines, but get them for different reasons (usually the results of the wrong diet increasing the levels of polyamines -toxins- causing activation of the immune system, resulting in inflamation). This is probably why even generalized "bowel detox" such as enemas and colonics, have been historically successful for migraines. However, eating right for your type is a less invasive labor intensive way to get the same results.

Much of my next book will be looking at the effects of the blood type diet on mental-emotional health, but suffice it to say, there will be a similar long road to hoe with the skeptics; most experts are unaware of the studies documenting behavioral differences between the ABO types, and would not expect the explanation to lie in the realm of genetics, but will rather expect it to be the result of ascribed characteristics (ala Japan), hence having "no scientific basis."

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