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Type A with Prostate Infection


I have a staph infection in my prostate. Antibiotics have helped, but my last test showed I still have a light case. I have been following your diet regimen for type A, and it has helped in many ways. Thank you. Any suggestions for the infection?


You may want to think about using two supplements until the infection is finally rooted out of your system:

DEFLECT A: This formula uses a variety of sugars as 'anti-adhesion' molecules which can inhibit the attachment of microbes to the membranes of the ducts lining the prostate. No attachment, no infection. This therapy has been shown to be effective in infections of the genito-urinary tract (it is the basis by which cranberry juice inhibits bladder infections).

STINGING NETTLE ROOT: Long used in Europe to assist in maintining the health of the prostate, Nettle also has substantial anti-microbial properties. (1)

Both products are available from North American Pharmacal (link at top of page) The

nettle root product is called 'UDA Plus.'

If another course of antibiotics is needed, consider taking some pineapple enzyme tablets (bromelain) concurrently with them. Evidence suggests that bromelain contains a component called 'spreading factor' which enhances antibiotic distribution.

1. Veliky A, Latta RK. Antimicrobial activity of cultured plant cells and tissues. Lloydia. 1974 Dec;37(4):611-20.

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