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Cigarette Smoking, Stomach Damage, and Polyamines

Cigarette smoke extracts delay wound healing in the stomach: involvement of polyamine synthesis.

Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 2002 Feb;227(2):114-24

Shin VY, Liu ES, Koo MW, Wang JY, Matsui H, Cho CH.

The association between cigarette smoking and peptic ulcer diseases has been well established. Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) is crucial for the gastroprotective and mucosal growth promoting effects in gastric ulcer healing. The aim of this study is to elucidate the possible mechanism of how inhibition of ODC activity is involved in the delay of ulcer healing, if any, by cigarette smoke extracts. Cigatette smoke extract delayed cell migration and decreased cell proliferation, which were accompanied with a reduction in ODC activity. In conclusion, cigatette smoke extract significantly delayed ulcer healing as a result of reduction in cell proliferation and cell migration. All these effects are, in part, related to the reduction of polyamine synthesis.

As I have written about in both Live Right 4 Your Type and The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia, polyamines (protein molecules which help regulate cell growth) are increasingly being viewed as a method of of potentially controlling malignancy (for example in prostate cancer). On the other side of t he coin, since they have a profound influence on cell growth, polymaines are also inportant for wound repair and tissue growth. Thus, the health issue of polyamine chemistry is one of balance: Try to lower of eliminate polyamine synthesis in cancer, increase it in wound healing.

Many dietary lectins are known to have an influence on polyamine levels.

In the case of stomach damage due to the effects of cigatette smoke, increasing polyamine levels may help improve ulcer healing. Using the corret blood group diet for your type will help to properly balance polyamine levels, but individuals with peptic ulcer disease who smoke may well want to investigate methods of increasing polyamine synthesis, such as the use of the Chinese herb Schizanda which has been shown to enhance polyamine synthesis.

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