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Type A and Aloe Vera


You've prohibited type O's from using aloe vera preparations, but I've not read anything about the other blood types. I'm interested in taking a supplement containing polysaccharides from aloe vera (I'm type A). Would that be OK for me?


A recent article reported new research on two lectins purified from the leaf pulp of Aloe vera L. (Aloctin I and Aloctin II). Though both lectins were significant hemmagglutinins, Aloctin II's agglutinating effects were inhibited by N-acetyl-D-galactosamine (the blood group A antigen). Thus it appears that a second lectin in Aloe may be blood group A specific.

So, if you are blood type A should you avoid Aloe? Although the lectin was type A specific, it only agglutinated type A red blood cells at fairly high doses. Thus, I'd recommend type A's keep their use of aloe products to topicals and pass on the internal forms.

Akev N, Can A. Separation and some properties of Aloe vera L. leaf pulp lectins. Phytother Res 1999 Sep;13(6):489-93 Related Articles, Books

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