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Type O and H. Pylori


I am a Type O. I understand and agree with your scientific reasoning that led to the development of the diet. I suffer from several of the ailments that you mention in your book that Type Os contract: severe food allergies or intolerances, H. pylori in my stomach, and the digestive problems you pointed out that are common for Type Os. I have faithfully followed the Type O diet for many months, but I have not improved at all. What could I be doing that is incorrect?


H. pylori can be very difficult to erradicate. You might want to look into using some bladderwrack (fucose sugar inhibits bacterial attachment), bismuth subnitrate (basically Pepto-Bismol) or even antibiotics, to allow you to get a leg up on the critter and give the diet some room to maneuver. Fresh ginger juice also helps.

The Ask Dr. D'Adamo internet advice column ran from 1996 to 2009, at which time Dr. D'Adamo's teaching and programming responsibilities no longer allowed him to devote time and resources to directly answering visitor questions. However we've recently reorganized this treasure-trove of material and made it again available to his readership. He occasionally posts new entries. These are marked with a NEW tag.

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