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Type O Diet and Gout


I'm concerned the higher level of beef suggested for O's maybe loading my system with gout triggering purines. As a gout prone O any thing to look out for in the O ER4YT plan?


Although red meat is high in purines (which can trigger gout), and purine are linked to uric acid metabolism, studies have repeatedly shown that the joints of gout sufferers have no higher levels of uric acid in them than non-gout patients, so the issue is far from clear-cut. In general, meats do acidify the system (but any perusal of the acid-alkaline charts will disclose that whole wheat is a close second)


Avoiding wheat and dairy should compensate for the addition of the purine rich red meats in a type O, especialy if the diet is high in other "alkaline" food such as black cherry juice, vegetables and other fruits.

As an additional insurance, 800mcg of folic acid can be added to the program.

Remember also, that gout crystals precipitate in the joints because they have reached their 'iso-electric point,' a point of saturation where the material begins to come out of solution. Anyone who has ever made rock candy as a kid would know what I was talking about! Anyway, the quickest and best way to lower one's isoelectric point is to drink plenty of water!

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