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Type O with Receding Gums


What helps with non-diseased receding gums? (I'm an O- with primary biliary cirrhosis and just found ER4YT three weeks ago. I feel better already just eliminating wheat & dairy and eating more meat-Thanks!)


Gum repair is one of the most energy-intensive functions performed by the body, and gum (or gingival) tissue is one of the most sensitive to the efects of free-radical damage. Since your gum loss id 'non-diseased' you may want to examine the problem from a whole body perspective.

I would recommend that you get your antioxidant levels checked. A simple, inexpensive way to do that is the use the Oxystress Test from NAP. If you level of oxidative stress is high (and I suspect it is becasue of the history of biliary cirrhosis) you can try a few of the suggestions below:

  • Co Enzyme Q10: The demand for the nutrient skyrockets when gum tissue is under stress. 50-100 mg daily taken with a fatty meal for 3-4 months helps enhance tissue recovery.(1)

  • Soy and avocado (more for type A's): Help block the degradation of preelastic fibres and mature elastic fibres by and enzyme called human leukocyte elastase (HLE). Avocado and soybean have fractions called 'unsaponifiables' which may be beneficial in patients with gingival inflammation and parodontitis, since HLE plays a major role in these disease states. (2)

  • Selenium: This powerful antioxidant has been proven to block free radical damage to gum tissue. (3)

  • Folic acid: Especially as a mouth rinse, has been long know to help prevet gum recession in pregnant or otherwise health individuals. If you pharmacy doesn't stock it, you can make a simple rinse by dissolving 2 400mcg tablets of folic acid into a shot glass of warm water, and swishing it around.(4)

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