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Type A and Strep Throat


My son (A+) gets Strep throat 3-4 times per winter. We did have him secretor typed by Dr. Kruzel and he is a non-secretor. My daughter (O+) has never contracted Strep. Is there any blood type distinctions with strep throat?


One study looked at the saliva of 310 persons were examined for their ability to agglutinate 33 streptococcal strains. It was found that the saliva of persons with blood group O agglutinated significantly more often streptococci than the saliva of persons with blood group A. The results demonstrated that persons of the blood group O secrete more anti-Strep immunoglobulin than those with blood group A.(1) This may be worse for type A non-secretors since the elaboration of free blood type antigen in saliva and mucous is thought to inhibit the growth of Streptococcus.(2)

Some idea would include having the child take 1 Deflect A capsule (available from North American Pharmacal) and mix it with water so as to make a mouthrinse. Have the child rinse their throat 2-4 times daily (this has the effect of making the child, in essence, a 'secretor'.

Other ideas are to use the herb Golden Seal, (Hydrastis canadensis) which has mild anti-Strep effects, and/or a gentle immune tonic, like North Americans ARA6.

1. Prokop O, Kohler W, Rackwitz A, Paunova R, Barthold E. [Secretory antibodies in saliva against group G streptococci].Z Immunitatsforsch Immunobiol 1977 Dec;153(5):428-34

2. Holbrook WP, Blackwell CC. Secretor status and dental caries in Iceland.FEMS Microbiol Immunol 1989 Jun;1(6-7):397-9

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