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Bladderwack and Antacids


I am type O and following the diet. You suggest bladderwrack. I take Pepcid 40mg a day at the present time and use tums at times. Info I read said not to take bladderwrack if you take an antacid. Should I take the Bladderwrack?


While I cannot say whether you SHOULD take Fucus (Bladderwrack) or not, I can say that there is no reason to NOT take Bladderwack just because you are on antacids. Just remember that the herbal tincture forms of Bladderwrack (most of which are alcohol based) are not very effective. The active component in Fucus, the sugar fucose, is not soluable in alcohol and the alcoholic tinctures may very well just add additional irritants to an already inflamed stomach lining.

It is well known that when dealing with ulcers people who are blood type O have typically more inflammatory changes to the stomach lining. A recent study shows that Fucus may well even help here, as fractions of the plant block the action of complement, a component of the inflammatory response in our tissues.

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