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Blood Groups of Offspring Possible or Impossible from any Mating Combination

Taken from Boyd (1)

ScenarioAlleged FatherKnown MotherPossible Children From Their MatingChildren Not Possible From Their Mating. Decisive for Non-paternityImpossible From This Mother in Any Mating
1000A, B, (AB)AB
20A0, AB, AB-
30B0, BA, AB-
40ABA, B(0) AB0
5A00, AB, (AB)AB
6AA0, AB, AB-
7AB0, A, B, AB--
8AABA, B, AB(0)0
9B00, BA, (AB)AB
10BA0, A, B, AB--
11BB0, BA, AB-
12BABB. A, AB(0)0
13AB0A, B0, (AB)AB
14ABAA, B, AB0-
15ABBA, B, AB0-
16ABABA, B, AB(0)0


The letters designate the blood-types of the respective individuals. Those in parentheses, in column 5, could not be children of the corresponding mothers (column 3) in any mating. Therefore no such child could exist to raise a problem of proof.



1. Boyd, W. Fundamentals of Immunology, First Edition, Interscience, 1943



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