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In medicine (vascular surgery), Peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD) (also known as Peripheral vascular disease or PVD) is a collator for all disease caused by the obstruction of large peripheral arteries, which can result from atherosclerosis, inflammatory processes leading to stenosis, an embolism or thrombus formation. It causes either acute or chronic ischemia?. [1]


In one study investigators examined the serum lipoprotein and lipid levels in patients with intermittent claudication (n = 66), divided according to their blood groups in the ABO system (bloodtype A, n = 40 and bloodtype "non-A", n = 26). They again found the expected predominance of blood type A (61%). (1)

The ABO blood groups were determined in 125 patients suffering from venous thrombosis in a Brazilian population. There is a clear effect of the sex on the disease incidence, women being more frequently affected, but the mean age was not different regarding the sex. No differences were found in the disease incidence when Caucasians and Negroids were compared. An excess of blood group A and a decrease of blood group O was observed among the patients. The analysis of the combined data from ten different published series shows a A/O relative incidence significantly higher than unity. (2)

Blood clots of the deep veins are less common in blood type O over blood type A. (3) Claudication shows a lower incidence of group O over other ABO groups. Group A the highest


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