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I’m thrilled and proud to announce that plans are in the finalization stage for developing a new training program for the School of Integrative and Functional Medicine at John Patrick University

The program, ‘Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics,’ will explore how Big Data and the age of ‘omics’ can be brought into the exam room, allowing physicians to make more precise, preventive, personalized and predictive decisions about the well-being of their patients.

The course will center around much of my recent work in data analytics, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and will train physicians to use these tools to interpret genome (gene), microbiome (commensal bacteria), metabolome (metabolic fingerprinting), and expososome (toxin) data to deliver high-value lifestyle, nutritional and nutriceutical advice.

Students will learn on many of the software applications I’ve built over the years, including the Opus23 genomic analysis platform and its microbiome module, Utopia. In addition, we’ll be expanding some of my existing AI apps to allow for computer-assisted diagnosis, via parameters such as laboratory markers and symptom inventories.

Plans are to allow this course to serve as the completion requirement for certification in the Generative Medicine specialization in concert with the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

I will also be advising JPU on the further development of their ongoing program in nutrigenomics.

As the picture clarifies, I’ll post more about course prerequisites, costs, and time requirements. My plan is to have the program built and available by Fall, 2021.

On another note, my February Opus23 training went well. We had a nice student mix of variable degrees and backgrounds, who are now finishing up their training by using a special interface I coded that allows me to monitor their curation skills. My friend Bob took this photo.

By the way that is an old medicine bottle that I was planning to take home with me, not any sort of stress- alleviating spirits!

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