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Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Geriatric | Effect: Significant
lost 25 pounds and feel great.

Type: AB | Gender: Male | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
I was using a Contact Reflex Analyst to treat a variety of illnesses and using NAET to treat allargies. I started using CRA because of constant sinus infections that the MD wanted to do surgery on, went through two bouts with walking pneumonia/bronchial infections, treated a gall bladder shutdown and was having adrenal shutdowns because of allergic sensitivity to most everything. I had a systemic yeast infection and needed to stop eating red meat, and sugars when I was directed to your ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I have been heavy most all my life. Upon a routine physical and pap smear, my doctor said that there was sugar in my urine and she wanted me to be checked further. I was really upset about this. My best friend Bertha and I went to a GNC and met Brigette who suggested to me to read your book. I had bought the book several months before and read it, I was just not ready to make a change. Brigette said that she followed the book religiously and since I was a type O I should too. My friend ...
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Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
My digestive problems have shown considerable improvement, likewise my circulation and general well-being/energy levels. I've been eating a healthy diet (Weight watchers style) for 3 years, but has persistent cramping and stomach/abdomen pains - have been following this diet for 1 month only (based on Web pages - can't get book in Australia yet) and have not had a single occurance of the pain which previously had been experienced at least twice weekly. As I'd had irritable bowel syndro ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
Began 3/7/97; more than 90% "true" to diet for type O. Noticeable results after 48 hours; convinced me to stick with it. Severe allergies and moderate asthma now almost entirely absent. My allergist is impressed and is reading the book! Sinusitis greatly improved. Osteoarthritic symptoms disappeared in knee and lower back.Far fewer headaches.Have not needed Zantac since began diet, although I had needed the prescription dose 2X daily for over 8 years prior (for continual irritation at ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
i have ms and a skin disorder when i am not on the diet my body goes back , to its sick self. the question i want to ask is , when i want to make a copy of a certain receipe you have available online i seem not to able to get to just one , its like it wants to print out all the receipes. any suggestions? thanks

Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
Categories of change are more than the one listed above. Cholesterol was a big change. blood sugar levels are better, arthritis is still present, but not as severe. A big change is temperment - more even keel. Fewer drastic highs and lows emotionally.

Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I have diverticulosis - since beginning the diet, I have not had 1 instance of diarrhea or stomach pain or gas and bloating - I can really attribute this to the diet ! I have also lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks, and am looking forward to dropping about 25 more, once I am on summer vacation and can really devote quality time to exercise ! Thank you for giving me this.Now I have a question - you may thing it's crazy, but here goes: I have varicose veins on my legs, one especially is bulging and ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
I am a type II diabetic. The craving for sugar has been incredible. Following the type Odiet has eliminated these sugar cravings!! I'm loosing weight faster than ever. My bloodsugar has dropped. My emotions, energy and overall well-being has improved.

Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
Dr. D'Adamo: I have some specific problems that I would like to discuss with you. First of all, I understand you hold an occasional clinic in Toronto. If this is true, maybeI could have a one-on-one consultation with you. Could you get back to me on this? I have been on the diet 2 weeks and have noticed rremendous improvement. I have beenon a 4 year road to wellness and weight loss. I was at my optimum weight when I started the ER4YT diet and had no interest in losing more. It did clea ...
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Type: AB | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
Many benefits! Fibromyalgia symptoms all reduced...less pain, better digestion, stopped post-nasal drip and cough, lost 30 lbs., stopped depression, built up resistance to colds/flu, etc. Thank you SO much!

Type: AB | Gender: Female | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
Changes are more than digestive. Before reading the book I suffered from CFS, IBS and could not no matter what loose 10 pounds. I am a very athlectic/ outdoors person and despertately wanted to feel better and not worry about how I felt or what my stomach was going to do. As my digestive problems worsened, my massage therapist, who is very holistic in nature, recommended your book. I read it from cover to cover in two days. I am not a "diet" person. But after reading your all ...
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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
I no longer require insulin shots. I no longer suffer from chronic diaherra, abdominal distress, bloating or water retention. My allergies were founded and eliminated, such as wheat, dairy, etc. My head is no longer "full" feeling. I feel better then I have ever felt. I have a sense of well being that only comes with getting all of those toxins out of my system. It has quite literally changed my life.

Type: B | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant
Following this diet has allowed me to fel satiated most of the time and has reduced cravings significantly. It has reduced acidity to the point where I no longer requirw daily Prevacid and now only expereince oesophageal reflux if I stray from the diet! I no longer get up at night approx. 2 hours after going to sleep to eat - a habit I have been unable to break for many years. Overall energy and well-bing has improved considerably. Bravo Dr D and thank you.

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Young | Effect: Significant
I developed a Spleen Yang Deficincy and lost 35 lbs. For a year I tried to fix it with herbal medicine while eating a vegan diet.Over this year I gained 5-10 lbs. back. After three months on the O type diet I had gained 15 lbs. more. Then, over the next month I gained 10 lbs. more to where I am now.



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