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Meat Overworking The Colon?


There are no naturopathic doctors in my area that I know of, so I would appreciate your input. I am female, 40 years old, blood type 0+. I have had IBS or a spastic colon for the majority of my adult life although it has recently gotten much worse (almost debilitating - always diarrhea, never constipated). I am currently having hydrotherapy and learned about your book there. My concern is that I am currently on the O diet without the meats to avoid overworking my colon (so I'm told) while it heals, but am curious if that is the right approach. I intend to address this with the therapist (who is a big proponent of your book), but am interested in whether or not this is the method you would use.


First of all, I assume that you have had all the necessary diagnostic work-ups, including a colonoscopy to rule out problems more life-threatening than IBS, including Chrohns and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Although many in Alternative Medicine are of the opinion that meat 'overworks' the colon, in reality if there is any relationship between the two it is due to improper combinations between proteins and starches. Protein itself accounts for only as little as .5% of the total content of feces, so efficient is our assimilation. Since the type O diet is essentially low in most forms of carbohydrate, the combination of high quality, low-fat, hormone and chemical-free fish and meats with appropriatly prepared vegetables is actually easier on the system than lectin containing grains and legumes. You might want to use small portions of protein, or fish in lieu of red meat, in addition to steaming or cooking vegetables until the intestinal tract has enough time to adjust and begin to repair.

Also, remember that your choice of meats should be of the highest quality; free-range and antibiotic free if possible.

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